So you want to live that healthy life but at the same time, enjoy an adult beverage? We hear you, and to keep you abreast of just how many calories are there in the glass or bottle of beer, wine or whatever alcoholic drink you fancy drinking, here’s a brief rundown to help you out:

  • Vodka soda:
    The preferred drink of the health-conscious since the soda water has zero calories and the limejuice it’s usually served with is practically zero calorie. The only calorie this drink has comes from the alcohol itself.
  • Shiraz (red wine):
    A standard glass of wine served in a restaurant gives you 150ml (equal to 1.5 standard drinks) — an amount equal to 125 calories.
  • Rosé:
    There’s nearly 125 calories in one 150ml glass of rosé.
  • Champagne:
    A typical 150ml serving of champagne has almost 100 calories.
  • Port wine:
    A glass of port has 94 calories. However, a usual serving size of port is smaller than others.
  • Prosecco wine:
    Prosecco is identical to champagne in calorie profile: both hold about 100 calories per 150ml glass.
  • Sauvignon blanc (white wine):
    The entire 150ml glass of a typical sauv blanc has a little over 120 calories.
  • Merlot (red wine):
    There are almost 125 calories in a 150ml glass.
  • Chardonnay (white wine):
    The whole 150ml glass has a little over 125 calories.
  • Pinot noir (red wine):
    In a 150ml standard serving, there are a bit more than 120 calories.
  • Cabernet sauvignon (red wine):
    A 150ml glass has just smidge under 125 calories.
  • Riesling (white wine):
    In the 150ml restaurant serving there are 120 calories.
  • Pinot grigio (white wine):
    In a 150ml glass there are 124 calories.
  • Pure Blonde Ultra Low-carb beer:
    A 355ml bottle has 92 calories.
  • Guinness Draught beer:
    A whole 425ml glass (more commonly known as a schooner in Australia) has 150 calories.
  • Heineken beer:
    A 330ml bottle of Heineken has 139 calories.
  • Cider:
    A pint is 570ml. Calories in cider vary from brand to brand.
  • Margarita:
    A fifth of a glass is 100 caloriesAssuming the glass is 250ml, a fifth of that is already 100 calories. Margaritas are among the highest-calorie cocktails with premixed ones even offering more.
  • Espresso martinis:
    This drink packs a massive 285 calories per 250ml glass, due to those sugar-laden syrups.
  • Daiquiri:
    That’s assuming a 250ml glass — and again, the sizes of the glasses do vary.
  • Rum and Coke:
    A rum and Coke has 248 calories, thanks to all the sugar in the Coca-Cola.
  • Tequila:
    Tequila has 69 calories per 30ml shot.
  • Gin and tonic:
    There’s about 143 calories in a 180ml glass.
  • Peroni beer:
    About one bottle is 100 calories
    A 330ml bottle is 100 calories.
  • Carlton Draught:
    That’s per schooner-sized 425ml glass.