Staying active and living a vigorous lifestyle are great ways to stay healthy as you grow in age. And while the gym can be a great place to get a sweat going, it is not the only place to get some low-impact exercises in. Here are a few suggestions to get you moving, wherever you may be:

At The Gym

Elliptical training
Save your knees by staying away from the treadmill and going for 30 minutes on an elliptical machine.

Stair stepping
A stair stepper offers you a high-resistance lower body workout without the jolt of running.

In Fitness Classes

Low-impact aerobics
Get your heart rate up with aerobics classes geared to cater to the needs of older adults with with low-impact movements.

Step aerobics
Put pep to your step with an aerobics routine that intensifies your workout, burns more calories and forges a stronger body.

In the great outdoors

Walking or hiking
Put some comfortable shoes and see what the great outdoors has to offer through a nature trail, a hiking path or your own neighbourhood.

Kayaking or canoeing
Paddling in a river or lake puts your upper body, back and core to work while also taking in beautiful scenery.

With some friendly competition

To make the most out of your game, leave the golf cart and caddy behind to get more of an exercise.

Miniature golf
You don’t have to be an skilled golfer to enjoy a day of putt-putt.

At the pool

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and bolster muscles without putting stress on your joints.

Water aerobics
Use water’s resistance and buoyancy to increase your activity while sparing your joints from unnecessary stress.

In the day-to-day

Nurture flowers, plant trees and grow your own herbs and vegetables to work up a healthy appetite.

Make housework more dynamic by playing some bubbly music and picking up the pace as you dust and vacuum.

Studying martial arts

Tai chi
Tai chi is a gentle martial art, which is often used for exercise and meditation.

Qigong is an adaptive martial art, which can go from gentle tai chi style flows to more forceful kung fu movements.