Most of the time, we throw away cabbage leaves, cut off turnip greens and peel off potato skins and just dump them into the garbage bin, not knowing they’re packed with nutrients!

Worse, there are some cases when we even remove the most nutritious part of the vegetable and leave them to the side! For example, beet greens hold more than eight times the nutritional content of beet roots!

To give you a better idea of which vegetables that you can consume from root to stem and get the most nutritional value, here are five of the best ones:


You can eat both the crunchy root of a turnip and its leafy greens! Like with beets, the greens of the turnip are packed with far more vitamins and minerals than the root. You can also eat the greens of radishes like you would turnip!


The chard is known for its huge, leafy greens, but don’t discount their beautiful stems. Chard stems can be chopped and sautéed, giving a great crunch to offset the texture of wilted leaves.


Oftentimes, we just the broccoli florets, but what you may be missing out on the stalk The stalk can be shaved and added to any slaw.


You won’t find many recipes that don’t tell you to peel your potatoes first. However, this is where you find most of the plant’s fiber. So next time the recipe calls for peeling your potato, try something different and show some skin.


Carrot tops can add great texture to dishes. Some people are a bit sensitive to carrot greens, so try eating a small amount your first time.